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Fierce Backbone presents Think and Imagine 


Join us for 18 original one-acts by local playwrights, six one-acts at each performance. One thing is guaranteed... you can expect the unexpected! 


October 6 - 22, 2023 

Fridays & Saturdays at 8 pm, Sundays at 2 pm. 

Zephyr Theater, 7456 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046


Tickets: $20 per performance 

$50 for 3 performances (when purchased at one time)


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Festival Breakdown:


Group 1/3:

Sunday, October 8

Saturday, October 14
Friday, October 20


In Transit

by Carol Croland

Directed by Frank Caeti

Featuring David Datz, Brittney De Leon and Garrett Hughes

For Gods' Sakes

by David MacDowell Blue
Directed by Lauren Simon

Featuring Brittney De Leon and Liza Rash

Working Relationship

by David Datz

Directed by David Datz

Featuring Erica Parrish and Peter Trencher

The Lunch Break

by Mona Deutsch Miller

Directed by Mona Deutsch Miller

Featuring Frank Dooley and Caroline Westheimer

Stop Drinking Man

by Tasmin Jahan

Directed by David MacDowell Blue

Featuring Lyn Good and Liridona Leti

Bite the Bullet

by Cailin HarrisonD

irected by Liridona Leti

Featuring Lyn Good, Zeus Ley and Tammy Mora

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Group 2/3:

Friday, October 6

Sunday, October 15
Saturday, October 21

Performance Anxiety

by Rom Watson

Directed by Mirai

Featuring Ewan Chung and Garrett Hughes


by Beth Polsky 

Directed by Frank Dooley 

Featuring Ewan Chung, Frank Dooley, AnnaLisa Erickson and Alana Webster

The Angry Sea

by Frank Dooley

Featuring Leah Bass, Annalisa Erickson, Rebecca O'Brien and Caroline Westheimer

I Was Never Good at Dancing

by Matthew Kamm 

Directed by Ann Ryerson 

Featuring Renée DeBevoise and Steven Robert Wollenberg

Auditioning for Your Life

by Nancy Beverly 

Directed by Paul Elliott

Featuring William Bremer, De Ann Odom and Alana Webster

The Door

by Paul Elliott  

Directed by Paul Elliott 

Featuring Lyn Good and Rebecca O'Brien

Group 3/3:

Saturday, October 7
Friday, October 13
Sunday, October 22

Sauce for the Goose

by Stephen Blackburn

Directed by Carol M. Becker

Featuring Rochelle Newman and Oh Rhyne

Imperfect Lives

by Consuelo Flores
Directed by Liridona Leti

Featuring Brittney De Leon and Tammy Mora


by Leda Siskind

Directed by Leda Siskind

Featuring Brittney De Leon, Garrett Hughes, Mike Thompson and Steven Robert Wollenberg

The Happiness of Clam

by Sandi Steinberg

Directed by Carol M. Becker

Featuring Jo Dellapina and Mike Thompson

Still Young Enough?

by Art Shulman

Directed by Art Shulman
Featuring Leah Bass and Stan Mazin

The Gatekeepers

by Dan Perry

Directed by Carol M. Becker

Featuring De Ann Odom and Lauren Simon


You can help support our theatre collaborative of playwrights, directors, and actors post pandemic!

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